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Impressions after a first date

I thought I would take some time to share with you some impressions of a first date. We have all had the best and worst case scenarios, so I figure I’d pass some of mine on. Maybe this will also help you with some ideas.

Lets start off with the negative first:

1. Met someone for “coffee”. Normally when you go for coffee the standard question would be, would you like something else? Well he made it very clear that he was serious, a cup of coffee. Then when the bill came, he pulled out his credit card, for $2. When they told him no charge under $5 he went to buy some bread so he can use the card.

Comments: If you go for coffee, that is great, I have had many coffee dates that have worked out well, as a matter of fact my first date with my husband was at a coffee shop. But, don’t pull out the credit card for $2 it is a little embarrassing.

2. Went to a baseball game, this is always nice, watching a game, being outdoors. When he picked me up commented on how tired he was as he spent the day golfing and making business deals the whole day, and added, it was great “billing” his client’s on the golf course $400 hourly. He was a lawyer. Sounds great for him, my date, well he fell asleep from his exhaustion during the game.

Comments: if you have a date with someone, first don’t comment on the amount you are charging your clients, expecially on the golf course, and if you are so tired take a nap before the date.

3. Cars: I don’t think anyone likes to get into a filthy car, suggestion, before going out, if you fall into this category take out the empty food bags, cans, garbage, water bottles…

Comment: I think you get the “picture”

Another car incident..sitting on a towel, as he was afraid I would get his brand new car dirty, get rid of the towels and put on seat covers…

Okay some positive:

1. One of my best first dates. A bicycle ride by the waterfront, including a picnic dinner on the beach. This was probably one of my most memorable dates. Riding on the boardwalk, then sitting on the beach for picnic, of sandwhiches and drinks, no alcoholic. We had a wonderful evening, he just wasn’t ready for a relationship as was just divorced.

Comments: Do something enjoyable, a little romantic, you don’t need to be “wined and dined” to have a great experience, a nice relaxing evening, in a nice location, be creative.

2. Picnic Lunch: This was my third date with my husband. We met at a Conversation Park near my office, he brought the blanket and the food, including chocolate, strawberries, and a flower as not sure what was my favorite ( chocolate of course). We ate lunch, had a great conversation then strolled hand in hand through the Conservation Park. Stopped in an area with a little lake, and he asked me if he could kiss me, yes the first kiss..

Comments: Bringing a little bit of what a girls loves, not knowing exactly which, it was relaxing, romantic, and he asked before the kiss. A simple few things and that’s all most woman really need.

3. Walk through the park and stopping for ice cream afterwards, going to the amusement park, hiking, biking, or just a casual time together in a nice location.

Comments: First dates are a way to get to know each other, it is not time to impress the person, it is time to be yourself, and get to know each other, to see if there is enough attraction and chemistry to go out again. If the first date, you try to impress the person, with the “expensive” things, where do you go when you really do want to make the impression, if and when things work out. Be yourself, you can plan many nights without “breaking the bank. It just means you may have to be a little creative.

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