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If you are not interested – then don’t date….and don’t sign up on Jewish Dating sites

Why waste your time or anyone else’s. If you are not going to make an effort in dating then DON’T date.

Go out with you friends and hang out at home or work – but if you are not serious why go through the motions.

I am so tired of hearing my members complaining that they called, left a message with a mutually approved match – and the other person has not contacted them back. Why bother going through the motions to pay for a Jewish on-line site, log in, accept matches, matches get approved, and then no follow-up. It is so difficult to actually get couples to agree to go out and meet – then not to. WHY

Everyone is busy in life, no matter the stage you are in, school, careers, life. But if you want a future with a spouse, and family, then the efforts have to be made to actually go out. We all know life is not easy, and with every stage there are challenges – some come easier then others, and other’s have to work harder for some things. Dating is difficult – but if you have an opportunity and you say you are interested then why not take it?

Dating is difficult – let alone Jewish Dating – to find someone that you are not only compatible personality wise but level of “Jewishness” as well. Dating on-line is easy – especially Jretromatch. You have someone looking out for you – sending you a match, if you like the match, accept, if it gets mutually approved you call and meet.

Take the time, an hour of the day to meet for coffee. If you can’t do that then maybe just reconsider – and when you are ready, we will be waiting for you.




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