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You put you information on-line for all to reveiw. What ever site you are on, if you are working with a matchmaker, or doing you searching on your own. Let’s be honest.

What ever information you are writing, make it accurate, what are you out to prove? The idea is to meet someone, is the first step to meeting, trying to cover the deceit? Be honest. In the end you will only be hurting yourself.

 I am tired of trying to “fix’ the deceit. Members not being honest, and hurting others. I am tired of hearing the excuses, well I look younger then I am, I am really not that weight, my height is 5’3″, write the truth. If you are looking for the right person, then don’t you want them to know you for who you really are?

Be honest, you will go alot further, and you are not hurting someone when they find out the truth.

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