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I know the idea of using a third party such as a matchmaker is new to most of you and you might be unsure of how the relationship should work. Basically we are here to help you find that great match but the only way that we can do this is by you helping us. What I mean is by opening the communication lines. Some of my members I know very well and can spot a great match for them almost immediately where as other members are more difficult to match because the information they gave me and the communication between us has been almost nil. Now saying that I don’t mean you need to drop me a line everyday telling me what you had for dinner (but recipes are always welcome…lol) but when you get a match tell me why you think it is a great idea or isnt a great idea. When you call your match let me know how the phone call went. The more you let me know, the better the matches I can make for you because I will get to know you better and what you are looking for. I can’t promise that all my matches will be perfect, because mister or misses perfect may not have signed up yet (but he or she can be signing up right now to Jretromatch, that is what makes it so much fun!) but they definitely will be in the right ball park.

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