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Help – Am I in Love

Dating on-line is very difficult, and for some, depending on where you live, or your crazy schedule’s the only way to meet someone.

I hear so many people saying “I think I am in love” when they haven’t even met the person. Try not to get caught up in the phone or on-line relationship. Until you actually meet you will not know if you really are “in love”.

I remember a 6 week phone relationship, I thought this was it. We had so much in common, where looking for the same things in a marriage, religion, everything was perfect. Or so I thought, I figured I would fly out to meet him, and know that I was meeting for future spouse ( oh, why was I doing the flying, friends had fixed us up, so I figured it was easier this way, and I could stay with them, then finding a place for him in my community).

Well, he walked in, and there was no chemistry, for both of us. Looking back, was it a waisted 6 weeks, not at all, I learned a few things, and got to have a great weekend away with my friends.

But I also learned, not to get caught up in the phone calls. The next time, I took it a little easier, and was more realistic. ( and yes there were other long distance relationships).

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