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Great ideas for a first date

It is always difficult to try to come up with a great place or thing to do on a first date. You want to make sure you have the maximum conversation time with the minimum cost. There are a few things to consider:

1. Privacy- You want to make sure you pick a place that has enough privacy so that you both can talk comfortably. Don’t go to the latest hang out where you will be sure to bump into a dozen friends and don’t pick a place that has no where that you can talk quietly.

2. Distractions- You want to pick a place that will have least amount of distractions for you. That means no loud noises, no packed house and no form of entertainment (movie, play etc…). The point of a first date is to get to know someone not watch the latest movie, save that for later.

3. Cost- To avoid the awkwardness of who is going to pay for what, make the first date in a relatively inexpensive location. I personally don’t believe anyone no matter how wealthy they are should have to pay for 100$ for a first date. Save it for when it counts.

4. Location- Try to make it in the most convenient location for the both of you. If you live some distance away from each other meet half way somewhere.

Here are some of my favorite locations for a first date:

1. Park/beach- bring a little bit of food, maybe a bottle of wine and cheese and just enjoy getting to know each other.

2. Cafe- Find a cute little intimate cafe (not the local starbucks) that has some nice little quiet tables in the back.

3. Lounge/bar/restaurant- some of these places have a meeting area that people can talk and have a drink. Make sure it does not have music blasting. Hotel bars are great for this since they usually have loads of private comfortable places to sit.

4. Mini golf/bowling- There is nothing like a good game of mini-golf and bowling to get people to break down the awkwardness between them. No one can help laughing and having fun.

5. Museums- Try to find out which type of museum he/she likes and catch a  great exhibit. You can walk and talk at the same time :) Enjoy! 

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