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Giving up before you even started

I have heard this story way too many times now. Girl or boy calls match, the person on the phone is aloof and doesn’t sound to interested. They make up excuses that the match is not so great because of A, B or C ( this is even after they accepted the match!!). Without even giving things a shot, they have turned away a potential match. You wonder why so many people get frustrated with dating!?

What is happening here? Why are people throwing away good opportunities? Why is it that these same people then come back and complain that they don’t have any matches? To me it seems like some form of self-sabotage, that they may be afraid to really find their match.  If you have been guilty of acting in this way try to really think why you did it. Is it really because you thought he/she wasn’t going to be cute? Try to give each match a fair chance. Be positive and open-minded and dating will be over all a much more positive experience.

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