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Give it a chance!

I truly believe that most people out there do not give each match a true chance to see if thinks will work out. You show up to the date and right away you think he/she is not cute enough, not smart enough, and not rich enough.  I don’t know about you but I hated first dates and never truly felt that I can be myself. Unless there was something seriously wrong with this guy I always went out on a second date. By the way a date doesn’t mean a huge 4 hour dinner, movies and dancing. I think the first date should be at a cafe, somewhere where you can sit and talk to get to know each other without the worry of a huge bill. Ok so the first date wasn’t so hot but maybe he/she was nervous or was not having the best day. I truly believe that at least one more date will give you the clarity to see if it is worth continuing to see this person. The second date is usually more comfortable since you have already met once and the conversation usually will roll much more easily.So the next time you go out on your first date, remember to give it one more try. 

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