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Frustration with the Way you are Dating

Recently I had an experience with one of our members on the site. He was frustrated that sometimes he didn’t get to see the matches – (well if they where sent to the woman first and they where declined he wouldn’t get to view them, or if they where sent out to both of them and she saw it first and declined), we can’t guarantee who is the one who will see the match first. We have no control over who will decline the match. We can only hope when we make a match – that it will be accepted. Do you agree to every date someone tries to fix you up with?

Just because you may not be happy with the service, that doesn’t mean this way works for everyone. We all have our stories of how we met someone . It could be while traveling, a dating site, blind date, through work, through friends, or just happen to bump into them on the street.

Just because you are not happy with one way – does not mean you should “bad mouth” that way, maybe it is not for you – so move on and try another way.

But remember, if you are so miserable that will come out when you meet someone – no one wants to meet up with a negative person, let it go, move on and see what happens. �

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