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Feedback to Matchmakers

Today while I was looking for matches, I noticed how many pending matches where sitting in my inbox. I have made in the past 10 days more then 88 matches and still some people have not responded to them. To me it seems kind of weird, people sign up on the site, and say they want to meet someone and then when I make the effort to find them a match they don’t respond to it. I am trying to give them the benefit of the doubt, maybe they are on vacation and forgot to change their status to reflect that, maybe they don’t want to insult me by declining the match (by the way us matchmakers do not get insult when you turn down the match, we just would like to know why so we can help you better in the future), or maybe they are not so serious about dating.  I would love if anyone out there is a member of or any other dating site let me know why you don’t respond to matches. I think the insight would be helpful to us matchmakers. We really care and want to help so a little feedback is all we need :)

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