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“We are engaged”…it was so incredible to get this email, it is always wonderful to hear when someone gets engaged, but to be part of is so amazing. Happy to say, this was not my first engagement as a matchmaker, and I hope I will have many more.

For all of us, getting the email that a couple got engaged, no matter how many emails we get of the members who ar upset about the site, or the amount of matches or lack of them, I always let them know how many people have met, and are going out. We are making matches, people are meeting each other

To me and I believe most of us who are busy making the matches, if through all our work, even one couple meet, then it is so worth all the work we do, the emails, the declined matches, the email to members back and forth…

So now having couples on the site who met and got married, to all of those who met and are engaged, or even just going out..and some for 2 years already, and to the many more matches we hope to make. I want to say THANK YOU..

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be part of you present and future. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to help you meet your beshert, because hearing those words – “We are engaged” – makes all my hours at the computer worth it..

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