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Eating out – on the first few dates

We have spoken about first dates, and some good places to go, now lets discuss eating out. You decide to go out for a meal. A few things to remember.

What not to order:

Pasta is okay, but stay away from Spagetti, it can get messy to eat.

Sandwiches – nothing real thick and juicy

Ribs or Chicken: Eating with your fingers, well not early on in the dating.

Drinking: If you order water, this may put the other person at a disadvantage if they wanted a soft drink ( soda, or pop, depending on where you come from) so maybe order both.

Wine, maybe discuss this, and order for both. Don’t go with the bottle, one of you may drink a little too much and that wouldn’t be to good.

Try to find a place that would be enjoyable for both, may offer a few choices just in case. Remember in Jewish Dating, don’t assume you know if the person will or won’t eat out unless it is kosher, so discuss this ahead of time. You don’t want to get to a restaurent and find out that your date will be ordering the salad, because she doesn’t eat out.

When planning you date, discuss ahead of time. It will be better in the end.

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