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Do you really want to be Alone?

I hear so many people today say they are happy with the way things are going on in there life. Good career, enjoys there social life, love to be able to go away when they want, to travel, to go to see friends, whatever.

That is great, but now consider. You are in your 50′s, you have no spouse, no children. You have done the partying, the traveling, the theatre with friends. Now all your friends are married with children, and there priorities have changed.

You are alone.

Is this what you really want? Growing old on your own? Think about this, and be serious. Is that what you really wanted?

Now is the time to make the changes. Yes you can still go out and have fun when you are married. Yes you can still travel when you are married. Yes you can have it all, with alot of planning. Marriage is not being tied down if you don’t want it to be.

Think of what you can have. A spouse, children, but most important – you are not alone. Those challenges in life, you now have someone to go through them with. Those travels, you now have someone do go with, the theatre partner,  you now take you spouse and it turns into your date night, which is so special

Think – don’t go on being ALONE

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