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Divorced with kids?

Okay now, it’s time to get serious. Men, what do you expect? A woman who is divorced with children, where do you think her children will be? If you are willing to date someone divorced with children, that usually means they will be in her home, if not full time then 1/2 time. Woman, the same goes for you.

Most people today do have joint custody, or at least visitation. So if you are ready to meet someone divorced, then there is a good chance there will be children in the picture as well. I see and speak to so many people who are willing to date someone only if the kids don’t live in the home. Reality check, where will they live?

As you get older, the chances of meeting someone divorced will be quite high, and with that could be there children. It is one more obstacle, but stepchildren are worth it, especially when you consider this may be your future partner you may be saying no too.

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