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Dating in your 50’s and older

The challenges of dating are even more difficult when you reach your 50’s and over, the “hang-outs” generally don’t cater to the more mature crowd. But you shouldn’t limit yourself to places that you “think” you may meet someone.

First off, think of what you are looking for – is it a serious relationship that would lead to marriage, or just wanting companionship, someone to hang out with and enjoy each other’s company. This could make the difference of requiring someone more local – or if you can meet a little further away.

Don’t be afraid of the technology based ways of dating, many people are not accustomed to computer use, Facebook, and the many on-line dating sites out there. Dating today has taken a whole new turn than years ago. Meeting someone who lives miles away or even in another country is challenging but with SKYPE you are just a “click of a few buttons” away.

Go out and enjoy – don’t stay at home – if you like theatre, concerts or just nice dinner’s by getting out and meeting people you never know who you can meet. Learn to network, inform friends and family that you are looking once again.

But most important – don’t stop doing what you enjoy because you are on your own, continue to live, learn and grow. If you are happy with who you are, as you meet people this will also reflect from your personality.

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