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All of us can use a little improvement. No one is perfect and we can all grow in some kind of fashion. Thanks to
America’s obsession with psychology there are tons of great self-help books on the bookshelf. I wanted to recommend a few that I know have made a huge impact on people.

1. Men are from mars and Women are from Venus- ok I know you think it might sound cheesy but it is a great book and a must read I think for all Men. Most men are always saying they can’t understand what women are about, read this book and you will start to get it.

2. Seven habits of highly successful people- You want to make a big change in your life read this book and take it in. It really has some very powerful life changing advice in it. Maybe it will even get some of you to call your match within 3 days :)

3. Dance of Anger- A must read for all women out there. This is a life changer and really gives great insights into relationships. Gave me lots of insights into my personal relationships and helped break the bad patterns.

4. Getting the love you want and other great books by Harville Hendrix- Profound relationship advice that will help you a lot in dating.

It is the summer and things are little slower at work. Try to pick up one of the above books and enjoy a great read!

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