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Dating and Dress code

I thought I would talk a little about what people should be dressed like on a first date. For some of you it may be obvious but it is not to all of you since I have heard various stories of people showing up on dates not looking their best. I know you want to be yourself and relaxed and don’t want to give someone the wrong impression of you but you need to look good and presentable to at least catch someones eye. Let’s separate the men from the women.


1- Please please shave before you go on a date! (Unless of course you have a beard which if you do should be in your current picture online!!). There is no bigger turn off when a man shows up with a stubble looking like he just woke up. Also if you need to have a haircut, have one before you go on a date.

2- No jeans and a t-shirt. Unless your first date is playing a game of football, I think men should dress business casual, meaning a nice pair of pants and a button down shirt.

3- No heavy cologne. It is great to smell nice (everyone should shower before meeting!) but don’t over do it.

4- Wear nice shoes. There is nothing worse then when a man shows up looking nice but when you look down at his feet his shoes look like they belong in a dump!


1- Don’t over do the make up. You want to look nice but not like you are trying to enter a beauty pageant.

2- Don’t wear to revealing attire. You don’t want your cleavage to be distracting to not only your date but to all men around you. Also you are sending not necessarily the right message to your match.

3-Wear comfortable shoes. Save the nine inch heals for the wedding next week and stick with a decent pairs of low healed shoes.  

4 – I also thing women should wear business casual clothes. A nice black dress never did any woman wrong.

Just remember to wear nice and comfortable clothing and you should look great!


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