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Crazy Deal Breakers in Dating..

Height…I need a man over 6′ because I like to wear heels….time to shorten the heels how many Jewish men are really over 6′

Salary…I don’t generally ask what a members income is – but if you want a high earner and the 6 figure’s you could be loosing out on many potential matches. Today the high earners are also the ones that could be laid off, many men can be great guys – still support a family and earn less, don’t make this a deal breaker. Money does not always bring happiness.

Style of Dress: This can’t be a deal breaker – take them shopping and help him/her out – when I dated my husband one of the first things I did was to go to his room and sort out his clothes. Most went to the local drop box. He still dresses conservative, no style and has a limited wardrobe, the good thing about it, he doesn’t care and spends little ( more for the rest of the family)

Men I know you want someone in good shape – looks great – skinny -thin – athletic. Now go forward 10 years, after a few children, chances of remaining that way? Yes you have to be attracted to her – but it is more important to find the qualities you are looking for – this should not be a deal breaker ( this goes for the woman as well)


Names: same name as my father/mother/ sister/brother/ ex/someone I remember from school that I didn’t like…..if they are the person for you what difference does it make

Bottom line : Be open, be honest with yourself and look more for the qualities that you desire in a person.


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