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Conversation on Dates

You want to try to figure out what you should discuss on the first date. I always say it is a time to get to know each other a little. See if there is enough interest to go out again.

You will probably have an idea of what interests the person has, or what they like to do. Some of the topics of discussion can be around this. If they enjoy movies, speak about them, which films have they seen recently, what did they like/dislike about it.  Books, Sports, what ever the interests are.

Another subject to discuss is friend’s. From here you get an idea how loyal a person they are, do they have many friends, and how far back to they go. Do they meet people easily and maintain strong “ties” with these people. Family as well, how close are they. Even if they all live in different cities, or even countries do they keep in touch with one another?

You can learn a lot about each other, just by making small talk. Go ahead, come up with a few questions that you can think of, and start asking. Don’t make it sound like an interview, try to keep it flowing, and respond back, get into the conversation as well.

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