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‘Clicking’ in Jewish Dating

What makes 2 people click? Physical attraction, emotional, certain characteristic, similarities? What ever it is something has to click. But what about the relationship that work so well, when to people are not emotionally connected, or have same characteristics?

Within any relationship you have to be very open and honest with yourself, what will you/won’t you compromise. This may even change as you go through the dating process with someone, when you see a certain trait that just “out does” everything else, and you decide that it is worth not having some of the other things that you would never have even considered compromising on.

My daughter came into our room early this morning. As we are planning a little getaway next week, she started asking what are all the fun things we will be doing. When we started talking about it, she turned to my husband and asked if he was excited. His reaction, ya sure…why was this. He is one that prefers to stay at home, doesn’t need to take a vacation and  has no sense of adventure. Me, just the opposite.

This is not the only thing that we are different about, I would say we have more differences then we do similarities. But there are qualities in him, and he feels the same about me, that togther we make it work even with so many differences.

Get-a-ways, well, it’s me and the girls, ( my daughters and friends).  When I can drag him away from work, we take the odd family vacation.

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