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Chosing a dating site- Matchmaker?

I remember when I was dating, the idea of internet dating was still looked at as being very weird and most of us did not talk about how we met this guy on the internet (it was not that long ago!). Now the market has exploded and there are tons of dating sites. How does one go about choosing which site is the best for them and will meet their needs. Personally when I had my profile exposed to the 1000′s I never felt really comfortable. I didn’t need everyone to know about me and what I was looking for. I am a working professional; I don’t have hours a day to browse profiles to find my dream date.  When I first heard about I thought wow what a fantastic idea. Here my profile can be private, someone else is doing all the work for me in looking for a match and I won’t get any unwanted e-mails from strange men. The great thing also about Jretromatch is that the matchmakers take note of the people who are not being honest in their profiles and we ask them to fix it accordingly. We hope we can eliminate the dates where you show up thinking he is 6″5 and he really is 5″9(by the way the best way for us to find out this info is by you letting us know when it happens to we can prevent it from happening to the next person).

 Now that I have found my dream date, it is quite fun to help you find yours. Now all we got to do is get all the Jewish singles to sign up for and I can help everyone find their match :) Go spread the word!

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