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Children – and Jewish Dating

This is a subject that we have discussed before, and it keeps coming up while speaking with everyone.

Men: You want to have children, so you wait around for someone under 40 to meet as we know that over 40 chances are that a woman may not have a healthy child. Problem you are in your late 40′s or 50′s and most woman won’t date over 8-10 years.

Woman: You are in your 40′s and still would like to have children, but the men turn you down as you are a few years to old. Or you don’t accept matches of the men that say they don’t want children

Situation: For everyone, time to make decisions. Do you continue to wait for the person that you can be with, and also try to have a child? As you are waiting, you are also getting older.

Solution: Time to reconsider your options and really think. Is the child worth sacrificing a life of being by yourself for? Is a child worth, not taking a chance with someone who may be perfect in all all ways? You never know how your life will end up. You may finally meet someone who you think that you can have a child with and never be able to, would you give this person up?

Children are important, and yes I do have them. I have the real blended family, 2 adopted and 2 step-children. 10 years ago would I have thought this, never. I always thought I would have a biological child, but circumstances or maybe G-D brought me other children instead. I love them as I would have my own biologically. They are my children.

You never know what is meant to be. Don’t loose out on a great future, just because you think the person, is to old, to young, does/doesn’t want children. What we want in life can change, don’t be so stubborn and open yourself up just a little. You may truly still find happiness, but most important you may find LOVE.

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