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In the dating world we require a little inovation and plently of patience. To help in this process you can use many of the dating methods that are available to you.

On-line dating has become one of the tools to assist you in the process. With on-line dating to set up a profile on the site ius easy but to make it work for you is the challenge. You have to find a way to “sell yourself” in a few short sentences you have to describle who you are, what you enjoy doing, and what you are hoping for in a partner.

By making the profile to lenghy – the person may overlook some of the most important things that you are trying to say about yourself. In Jewish Dating – working with some of the site’s such as Sawyouatsinai or Jretromatch you also have a matchmaker to assist you.

The matchmaker is ther for you – to help withy your profile – assist in follow-up on matches – and for advise. The matchmaker aslo wants to know what is happening with the match so keep in touch – retrun emails If you are serious about dating this can work for you = if you receive matches and don’t follow up then don’t waste the time of  the person or the matchmaker. Make this prcess wirk fr you, it does work – but you ahve to want it as well

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When we think of dating we try to find someone who has similar values, traits, and a personality that would work together. But we also have to consider that for Jewish Dating, we want to meet a future partner that will also share our history, our passions our heritage. Jewish Dating is important for the continuing of our nation. Our people. Judaism is not just a religion, but a deep culture that goes back thousands of years. When we ask someone who they are, Most Jews will answer Jewish, even before saying an American, Canadian, or anywhere else, even the most secular Jew will acknowledge they are Jewish.

Why is there so much intermarriage within Judaism? Is it because many have no awareness of our heritage? The problem with this is that the situation with Non-Jewish Dating is just not just in the secular world, as many religious Jews find themselves meeting and getting married to Non-Jews as well.  Jewish Dating is becoming more difficult. It also becomes apparent that most interfaith couples don’t usually bring there children up Jewish, or they are brought up with both religion’s giving some mixed messages to the children and what religion are they really following. One side wants a bris, while the other a baptism, what happens when the child is ready for Bar/Bat Mitzvah? Questions will come up, and the difficulties to this are endless.  What about holidays, when there is overlap between Christmas and Hanukah or Easter and Passover, where do you celebrate?

We have to find ways of showing the wonders of our heritage and the meaning of being a Jew to avoid inter-marriage. Jewish Dating is the key. It may mean finding out more about Judaism in order to understand the reasons why we should Jewish Date. If you marry a Non-Jewish woman, and have children, they will not be Jewish, if you give them the option to choose later on, they then have to go through a proper Conversion. Is this what you want? Isn’t it better not to put yourself into the situation, and look to meet and marry a fellow Jew?

Jewish Dating is difficult. But consider the options, if not Jewish Dating, then you have to deal with difficulties that will arise later on, when you are with a Non-Jew. So what can we do?

We have to strive to find ways for Jews to meet? Jewish Dating. Are we looking in the wrong places to meet for Jewish Dating or during our routine daily activities we tend to meet people and find that we have some similar qualities and the more we spend time with them we fall in love? What can we do to decrease inter-marriage? There will probably always be some, but we have to be proactive and creative. The answer to this is finding ways for Jewish Dating to become easier.

Options in Jewish Dating Services today are endless, especially with computer technology. The simple click of a mouse along with basic online searching will find you reaching out to a much larger population and a multitude of Jewish Dating Services at your fingertips. How do you choose a Jewish Dating Service? Research is helpful; speak with friends, family and members of your community. Consider what will be best for you. One Google search will result in numerous Jewish Dating Services, from online Jewish Dating Services, to online dating advice, and organizations that coordinate Jewish Singles events in your community or surrounding areas. Articles, stories, you have it all; with a touch of a button the possibilities are endless

Be creative, but make the decision, Jewish Dating is so important, not only for you, your future spouse, but for your children and the future generations of our nation. The Jewish People.

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In Jewish Dating – or dating in general we all get so worked up for the first date, and are quite nervous. The more you go out the easier it may get. But here are a few tips which can hopefully make it a little easier for you

1. Prepare yourself: Not necessarily of what you will do but first step is to get to know the person a little better. Spend a few times speaking on the phone, emailing, and if it is distance SKPEing. Ask questions that the information will lead to what you want to know about the person. The fact finding, or us some call it especially the first few calls – the airplance conversation, basic information about each other to keep the conversation going.

Once you see that you share the same thoughts on things that are important to you – family, fun, children, and religious outlook decide on a time and date to meet.

2. Place for First Date:  Make it an open area, a place you can sit and have a cup of coffee ( or a drink) light meal, or can walk around. This is not the time to make a impression on how lavish you get get and being creative or how much money you spend. This is finding out if you have enough in common to go out again. Try to make it a place where you know the area, so you won’t get lost. If you are coming from completely different areas you may suggest meeting up at the spot .

3. Dress: Nice but don’t overdue it – men casual – woman if you know there is a chance to be walking wear suitable shoes. If you will be outdoors dress appropriately for the weather.

4. Time:  If you meet and things go well – it would be perfect if you choose the time to beable to be together longer – but also decide what is suitable if things don’t go well. You don’t want to have a whole night of acitivities planned if things don’t go well. With time – make sure you are on time – and if you are late – call the person don’t text. Yes the way of modern technology is to text first – but what impression is this. As well if the phone is in a purse or a pocket the text may not be looked at.

5.  On the actual date: If things are not going well – still be as respectful as possible – try to make the best of it. If the person is not your “look” or personality fine, but still be civil. You never know, the person can be for someone else that you may know. If you met through a on-line site like Sawyouatsinai or Jretromatch they even have a “button” on the match called suggest a match.

6. Ending the Date: End on a good note even if you are not for each other say something nice about each – be positive or don’t say anything at all. If you want to see each other – suggest to get together again and then call – if not don’t say you do but don’t follow-up.

7. Follow-up: If you enjoyed yourself and feel there is enough that you would like to go out again, next day send of an email. Very informal, just saying you enjoyed the time, and meeting you. For the guy -  if you want to pursue the match then call within a few days. Don’t wait too long. Or if you see schedule is busy then at least email and mention this.

Just try to enjoy yourselves -

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Is it really that difficult to meet someone today?

Or is it just that the expectations of the person you want to meet are so high that you will never meet such a person? I am not saying lower those expectations, well maybe I am. Just be realistic. As you get older so do the matches – and it get more difficult as time goes on. Committment? Are you afraid to?

Where ever you go in the world you have opportunity to meet another Jewish person today – so why should it be so difficult to meet your future partner. Sparks – firecraker’s – you will not see this. If you do that is probably more lust – then meeting someone for a lasting relationship that will be long term. How easy is it to meet new friends? May be it is time to look at some of your friends – and see them as a potential partner -

Jewish dating is difficult – but so is finding a new job – changing careers – having children – getting up in the morning – getting throguh the week – or the year – the financial problems – it is just another challenge that you will have to get through – and having someone next to you to help you get through the daily challenges can be very helpful – so don’t be so picky, don’t be trying to find someone that doesn’t exist – be realistic in who you are looking for, so you won’t be alone for long.

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It is now the Jewish New Year. You are probably thinking….great another year has gone and I am still not married. But what real efforts have you made to make this happen? You may have gone out on a few dates, joined an on-line site, maybe networked a little with friends and family. Here is the question though – did you do all this and not really follow through on any of them?

You may be a member of a on-line dating site – are you religious, then Sawyouatsinai, or not so, Jretromatch. But did you really commit to it. When you received your matches – did you review in a timely matter – accept – did you call when the match was approved, how many days later? Or did you not really follow up on it? You may have called – but then not hear back so just decided that they where interested, or just not tried again. Did you let a few weeks go – then emailed them that you where to busy?

Well if this sounds like you – then you are not really taking dating serious. Dating is work – you have to commit to it, work on the relationship, and speak and go out. If you can’t do this – then you may not be ready for marriage either.

Lets make this year – your year – and if you are now sure how maybe speak to someone who can help quide you through the process

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I thought I would share an article I came read recently about “Digital Dating” great tips that I hope will help you.

Six Rules for Digital Dating
Sage advice from’s dating experts.
by Rosie Einhorn, L.C.S.W. and Sherry Zimmerman, J.D., M.Sc.

  • “If he’s in Oregon and I’m in Chicago, can we have our first few dates over Skype before we decide to meet each other in person?”
  • “When someone suggests a woman for me to date, I check her Facebook page before deciding yes or no. What do you think of this?”
  • “I once texted a guy for six hours and felt we had an incredible connection. I never heard from him again. How can I keep this from happening the next time?”
  • “How can I know someone I’m emailing is a safe person to date, or that he’s not married, in prison, or too socially awkward to ever meet?”

Technology has fundamentally altered the way we communicate. We can send messages, update our social network, and share in a world-full of information with one click of a mouse.

But all this comes at a price. Because we’re accustomed to communicating in 140 characters or less, we expect that an “instant” connection will lead to an instant relationship. What happens fast is often superficial, and we are losing the ability to develop a relationship gradually and move it to the next step.

Relationships that are meant to endure don’t instantly materialize. They take time to nurture and develop, and if we don’t have the tools and patience, a relationship that holds genuine promise will likely end up nowhere.

Daters who are serious about developing a meaningful relationship are advised to follow these six rules:

The attention directed toward your date has been shattered.

(1) No digital diversions. When you’re on a date, don’t text or email anyone, or answer a text or chat message. Your Blackberry or smartphone should be turned off and put out of sight. Similarly, keep your cellphone off (no, “silent mode” is insufficient). You may feel the need to be connected and available every moment of the day, but that prevents you from connecting to the person sitting across the table. If you allow these outside distractions to enter your “dating space,” the energy and attention that you’re supposed to be directing exclusively toward your date has been shattered. That’s bound to give a bad first impression – and build resentment at any stage of the relationship.

(2) No over-texting. Texting is a great way to say, “Bus running late. Meet u in 20 min.” It’s not a substitute for spoken communication. If our default communication is texts, tweets and Facebook posts, we might think we know a lot about the person and are growing closer.

This is a false sense of intimacy, because the texts and tweets don’t convey the sender’s tone or mood. We can’t really get to know someone without spending time together – sharing experiences, observing body language, facial expressions, and engaging in a face-to-face exchange of ideas and feelings. These are essential, intangible elements of social interaction. We don’t know if the personal chemistry is in sync, or if we are capable of having a real-time conversation.

Use texting only for short messages about where and when to meet, sudden changes of plans, or a quick “Hi, thinking of you” on a day that you’re not seeing each other.

(3) Don’t delay the first live meeting. It’s fine to exchange basic information online, but as soon as you get a sense this might be a good person to meet, follow up on their references and arrange for a meeting. When two people “date online” for months, without arranging to meet, they may feel as if they’re personally relating. Yet often when they finally do meet for the first time, they are disappointed that the other person doesn’t look, sound, or act like the mental picture they’ve developed. And often, the dissonance between that “image” and the reality is too large to overcome – and they are blocked from ever being able to accept the other person.

(4) Don’t use email as a substitute for going on dates. Once you’ve met, email may be a good way to keep in touch when you can’t interact in person, but the way to build a relationship is through live conversation. Skype and video chat are good alternatives when geographic distance precludes seeing each other often, but they cannot replace face-to-face dating. Even something as simple as planning a date should be done on the telephone; firing off a quick text message might be perceived as treating the whole date too flippantly.

(5) Don’t rely exclusively on social networking sites. The web is a good way to get a general idea of whether or not to date someone. But a two-dimensional photo doesn’t capture what a person really looks like, and reading a profile doesn’t give enough information about what they’re really like. Find out information about a potential date the old fashioned way – by talking to people who know them. Otherwise, you might waste a lot of time emailing someone with an appealing Facebook page, but who is far from what you’re looking for. Alternatively, you might pass up a great opportunity.

(6) Don’t break up electronically. Yes, it’s hard telling someone, “It was nice to meet you, but I don’t think this is going to work out.” But a virtual break-up is much more hurtful to the other party. If you’ve ever been at the receiving end of such a text message or email, you know the feeling.

So while technology has dramatically increased the quantity of information exchange, it has undeniably undermined the quality. It also negatively affects our attention spans, which means those trying to develop a connection may have a hard time sustaining meaningful conversation. They’re accustomed to communicating in short spurts, rather than taking the time to explore a subject in-depth, understand and convey emotions, and engage in a prolonged exchange of thoughts and ideas.

So when it comes to dating, try to get out of that instant-message mindset. It may be a bit “old-fashioned,” but it is essential to building a successful, long-term relationship and marriage.

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The Jewish Dating today has taken on the modern dating scenario,and now is getting in on all the on-line serives available. Many new Jewish Dating sites are coming about. If you are religious – try Sawyouatsinai , or if more traditional to secular – Jretromatch. With everyone being so busy today – between social responsibilities – work and just life in general dating has taken a step back. So what way can you use the modern technology and as you are surfing the net – have the potential for “surfing” for a date.

Social Networking is the wave of today and the future - and Jewish Dating become part of it.

You want to meet someone in another city, country what a better way then using the on-line services for this. If you don’t have the time to “surf” on your own having a matchmaker which these site’s do, can make it even easier. So start surfing and have fun oyu can’t find your partner in the traditional way – try on-line dating

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It has been some time since my last post – I guess after so many years of writing it is difficult to try to come up with things to speak about in the Jewish Dating world.

SO today I want to just add a few words…I am tired of hearing “I really am committed for a long term relationship to lead to marriage” – then when speaking you give me a list of what you are looking for that are so..unrealistic ..or you admit that you are “picky” =

WAKE-UP you are not getting any younger – marriage is compromise – if you can’t even start a relationship with that then how do you expect to stay committed. No one is perfect – you or your future partner. COMPROMISE

and if you can’t then ask yourself if you really are ready or just think you are …

Jewish Dating is serious – and people do want to meet someone for a committed relationship – so if you can’t compromise or committ then stay away from the serious Jewish Dating site’s

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As a matchmaker I speak to so many people who “say” they really want to meet someone for a committed relationship that could lead to marriage. So lets first look at this.

My interests and what I was looking for: I am active, love to  travel and would love to continue to explore the world with my husband – see new places and meet new people  find out about different cultures. Love to go hiking, skiiing, and be out doors. Enjoy the indoors as well and love to settle down on the couch with a good book – or do crafts. Love family and enjoy spending time with my huge extended family. Love to gather for Shabbat meals, and holidays.

Okay so I meet my future husband, didn’t travel, he was a runner – our taste in music was different, he was not that close with his family, our religious beliefs where similar.

Reality: We made Aliyah, with no family around. Time to travel – welcome to the real world. I am lucky to go away for a few days in Israel and our “Vacations” are returning to see our family. I work from home – and do this throughout the day 7 days a week, as I also have fit in taking kids to appointments, “chuggim” run the errands, cook dinner, reality check – when you are married with kids, and I believe most people do say this is what they want, that becomes your life.

What should you be looking for – someone who will be there for you when the kids are sick and you need to get up in the middle in the night – the diaper changes – someone who is open to helping you out – share the morning routine – getting lunches ready – one cooks dinner – one cleans up – a shoulder to cry on when you are so down and tired -

If you are lucky – you can catch some alone time – but you probably have to schedule it in. Go out for dinner, or a walk together.

So instead of saying what you like and don’t like – how about changing it to the type of person you are looking for. The characteristic of the person. Someone who together you can build a family, a life together.

Yes you still want to do certain things and go places. But lets face it – when you are married your priorities do change. It is time to settle back and realize that – don’t wait around for the “perfect” person. Look for the person that will be caring and supportive.

Jewish Dating is difficult enough, it is time to wake up and face the reality – and if you are serious about marriage, then hopefully you will.

There is help out there. Having a matchmaker work with you to help make you understand and be realistic in your dating can help. Speak with us, and when we offer suggestions, realize it is because we want to see you go to the next stage. Speak to your married friends, and open up to the reality. So if you want the help sign up for Jretromatch or Sawyouatsinai and together we can help you find your future.

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One of the major frustrations with on-line dating – or can it just be dating in general is the follow-up. You see a potential match – and you are really excited and then, the wait. Will they contact you? Or you contact the person and then the wait? Will they return your call?

 Some of the benefits of being on a site is that you have a person (a matchmaker) that you can be in touch with –  can contact them to find out what is going on. If you haven’t heard from the person, if you have questions or even if you have gone out and need the unbiased opinion to help you in the dating process.

 Join Jretromatch or Sawyouatsinai, we may not have all the answers, or it may not be where you will find your match (beshert) but with over 1000 successful matches to date we can do our best to make you one of our success stories

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