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We are all looking for the ideal match – (or for some looked) – but will we find it. I think this sums it up – and for the person who gave it me if you are reading the Blog - I thank you

 “It is probably better to get a Good man/(woman) w/ a Good soul, than to try to obtain a perfect match on paper”

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As we are days away from Passover = no matter how religious, traditional, non-religious you are, most Jews around the world will gather with there family and celebrate in one way or another the freedom of the Jews.

This is also a time where so many single people will be sitting with there family – and realize that maybe it is time to start – or hope to find there potential partner in the coming year.

Maybe next year you will have that person with you – as you sit around the table. SO enjoy the celebrations and hopefully this year will bring you your life partner.

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Jewish Dating – no different then dating in general…just network – you send out resumes for a new job, well today dating is simlar. You have to “sell” yourself. With all the on-line sites out there, if you want to meet you have to come up with a way to make your profile different then all the others. Be creative, but don’t write a one wants to read your life story

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I just came back from a wedding ceremony. It was so nice to watch as the young couple stood under the Chuppah. Being a matchmaker, I hope that one day I can experience watching one of “my couples” under the Chuppah. So far I have made the matches but the distance was to great for me to be part of the simcha.

You see so many couples today, and the amounts are growing for people to meet, and how..on-line. It still is incredible to think how modern technology has brought so many people together. SO if you are thinking about joining a site…hey might as well put a plug here for ours..(if you are religious, Sawyouatsinai..if not then Jretromatch), go for it..maybe yours will be the next Chuppah I can be part of.

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Wow, the last time was a month ago, and the same words. It has happened again. I got the message that I made another match. I spoke to her, and she is so thrilled – and thankful.

No – I am thankful that I can do this, bring a couple together. What was even better, in one week – we found out that there where 2 engagements on our site, another matchmaker as well. This is so thrilling for us.

So you never know when it could happen, I tell members when they ask we  or complain when the are not getting enough matches. It only takes “one”. When will that “one” be, I can’t answer that question. Will it be from the site, through a friend, or meeting someone on the street? I don’t know. So keep trying everything, speak to anyone and everyone. I keep saying this, everyone possible resource available to you, you never know how or when it will happen to you.

 Lets just continue to match, and hope that next week (and this one) will bring us many more engagements.

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I am thrilled, I recently got the email all matchmakers hope to receive..we are engaged. It is always wonderful to hear when a couple finds there soul mate, but to be part of an amazing feeling. I have a few engagements now, and hope that there will be many more.

I keep on reminding myself as well as the other matchmakers I work with…this is why we do it. For all the compliants, people not being satisfied with the matches, the phone calls, and emails, the frustations for you as well as us…but when the call or email comes in..WOW what a feeling.

So for all of you still hoping, lets see what we can do, I hope your email/phone call will be my next

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Well it has been awhile since I have written in. My advise to you continues be flexible, open minded, willing to meet even if you think they are not “your look”, your “taste” … never know.

 Don’t give up – but also take the chance…..

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We are just hours away from the start of Rosh Hashanah – it is a time to reflect, ask forgiveness, and think of what we would like for the coming year.

 May this year bring all of you what you hope and pray for. May this year bring a year of many more of you to find there beshert, and may this year only bring health, happiness to us all.

 Lets go into the year with only great thoughts and and no matter how you spend it – in synagogue, temple, or just around those that you find dear to you – please think of those that are by themselves – and wish everyone a Chag Semach – Shana Tova for a very sweet new year.

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Wow, another year has passed us by – Rosh Hashanah is just days away.

I remember sitting in synagogue and always hoping that this would be the year for me to meet someone. I have been married now – just over 8 years. It took me over 20 years of thinking this – getting married at 40.

Over time you either get more or less “picky” – but maybe it is time to be realistic with what you are looking for. There are a lot of great men and woman who are still single  -  it is difficult to meet – but take every opportunity  given to you – maybe by this time next year you will be saying Thanks…and in our prayers this year – maybe ask for a little help

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You meet someone – and everything is great – they are wonderful – treat you amazing – you are so compatible – but…

You are not attracted to them – the “Chemistry” is just not there. Give it time, if everything else is so great – the chemistry can come – the physical is only part of a relationship – and the physical on the person is usually the first thing to change.

How many woman put on weight with each child – and can never seem to get it off, how many men as they get older stop working out – and get the “beer belly” – or never have worked out.

Look at the person for who and what they are – yes you have to be attracted to someone – but the attraction can grow – everything else – is what is really needed in the relationship to make it work for years to come.

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