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This will be my last post for 2009 so here goes…

For 2010 – what can you change to improve the way you may be looking for a potential partner?

Are you being too “picky”? Are you not getting out there enough? Are you spending to much time at the office, that you just don’t know where to go to meet someone?

Well if you answered YES to anyone of there, how about trying one of the many On-line Dating Sites. I am partial ( well considering that is where I spend most of my days, trying to make matches for many of you – or hope to be) for Sawyouatsinai – if you are a religious, or a little more Observant, and Jretromatch for the non-religious. Sign up – the cost is minimal when you consider you are looking for your spouse.

Go in with a great attitute, if you don’t meet your furture spouse, you may meet some wonderful people – have some fun going out on dates, or speaking with people, but the main thing – you are doing what you can.

 With just under a 1000 members being succesfully matched, and today are either happily married, some even with children, and other’s planning there day. To the 100′s that are currently dating – you too can be included in these numbers.

Just don’t sit around and wait, as waiting will not help you – being proactive will…

 Lets have a great 2010 – and hope you will be one of the many that will be succesfully matched and that your name will be there with all the other’s

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You are trying to figure out what to do on the date>

Make it somewhere that the two of you can feel comfortable, you may want to discuss it together to see if there is a place that you both would enjoy. Don’t set up an extravagant first date this is a time to figure out if there is enough similar interests that you would want to go out again.

One of my best first dates, a bike ride on the Boardwalk – then a picnic dinner by the water ( I lived in Toronto so this was at the harbour)/ It showed me a lot about the person, as he packed up a great meal – nothing fancy – but had everything planned out. The cost minimal and it has left an impact on me for over 18 years. ( No we did not get married, but the date was wonderful)

Some like going to a movie and dinner – you can then speak about the movie and find out some other things as well. Don’t plan a long date, if things don’t work out it may be difficult to spend time together. “Coffee” dates are always good if it is uncomfortable you can always end it, and if not spend many hours talking.

My first date with my husband – he showed up in sweat pants saying he had to leave to go play hockey, 1/2 after the time he was “supposed” to be gone I asked him, he did have a game, but I think to this day it was a great excuse to show up in sweats. he never made the game, and we talked most of the night. That night I had a feeling he would be the guy I married – he said it took the 2nd date for him to realize it.

So what ever your plans, just have fun, and try to enjoy the experience.

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We have spoken about this before. When choosing a person who you would be interested in does she/he really exist.  So make sure when you are looking for someone that they are out there. If you spend too much time looking for a person that doesn’t exist you can be wasting valuable time and effort in the dating world.

 Don’t set such high standards, be realistic about the age difference, the physical aspects, tall – dark – beautiful/handsome – is great but you also have to be open of who you are. Education – as many woman go for the higher degree’s just because the man doesn’t have the “Ivy” League education – doesn’t mean that they are not intelligent.

The higher the expectation the longer it may take – and you may miss out on meeting your perfect match – because you where waiting for the “Ideal” one.

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How a person carries and presents themselves in public can be a way to meet someone. If you are confident in your self this will come out when you are in public, and this can attract people towards you. These few steps can help you finding a partner.

1. Think about who you are – and try to find inner happiness. Get to know who you are and go out there and do the thing you enjoy to doing. Don’t wait around for others try to be more confident in you.

2. If you are unsure about something – don’t hide away from it – take a deep breath and push yourself to go out there

3. Don’t rely on other’s to make you happy – if you want to do something go for it. If you wait around and just put yourself behind your desk or at home on your couch this won’t give you the opportunity to meet people.

4. Try to be with people that make you feel good about yourself and what you do, be positive this will come across when you meet people.

5. Go out and enjoy the things you like to do – this will also put you with others who enjoy the same things and will give you the opportunity to meet people with similar interests.

Most important though, is really find out who “you” are, and if you don’t like what you see in the mirror then maybe it is time to make a few changes. Think positive – but also be happy with who you are and where you are in your life. Don’t have unrealistic expectations,

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I am having some difficulty  – you have a mutually approved match, wonderful but then you don’t follow-up on it. What is with this, you make the efforts to review the profile, decide to accept – the other person the same, and what happens…you don’t call or email them.

Or even better, you close up the match without even speaking with them as you decide you don’t really have the time to get together. Come on here, you don’t have time…this is your future we are talking about…make the time. Could this be the reason you are still single? I know everyone has a busy schedule – but come on..decide what you want, the longer you make excuses – the harder it will, as you will just get older.

Or it is time to really think things through and decide if a relationship is what you really want.

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I think we sometimes need a reality check in dating. 

Men – lets see, you are in your  50′s and decide it is time to get married – that is great, but you have to realize if you still want to have children – most woman will not date over 10 years older. It will be difficult to find you someone in there 30′s. Make a decision, is it the companionship – or the children that you really want? It may be better to meet someone with children, and you can still be a big part of there life, then to wait around till you MAY find someone who is open to meet you – who can still have children.

Remember – if children are really what you want – then there are alternatives out there today.

Woman – (I don’t want the men to say that I am always picking on them) – you are highly educated, and may have certain expectations, well there are many men who may not have the higher education who are well established, financially secure and very intellectual. Give them a chance.

If you are getting older – and either never been married, divorced or widowed, what we HOPED for may not be, you don’t have to lower your expectations, but just be more open in the criteria. Does it hurt to just meet each other over a cup of coffee?????

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Summer time has come – and we all think of ways to get out and enjoy ourselves. How about getting out there with the many single’s groups that are organizing activities this summer. Have a look and you will be surprised, from the great vacations, one day trips, and many Shabbaton’s.

What a better time  – to just go out and have fun, and if you meet someone, then wonderful but if not, at least you can enjoy yourself.

Don’t sit around this summer – go outdoor’s and enjoy and you never know what may happend

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Okay lets be honest, some people take incredible photo’s – well I am not one of them

I just received my new Driver’s License. Being Canadian – the new thing is you can not smile for any of your Legal Documents. My Drivers Licence, a  real “mug shot”. Now I say that with most photo’s I take, since am just so unphotogenic, but this one has to be the worst.

Why may you ask am I bringing this up? Well, I have spoken about this before, you can’t just look at a photo and say this person is not for me. Over the years I have seen some really bad photo’s on the site, and then you meet them….or they update the photo…

We hear all the time, “I met the person and they didn’t look at all like the photo” well maybe consider this, a photo that has no appeal to you, the person may be incredible, or have such a amazing personality that you look at them so differently.

Don’t judge the person by a photo on a website, take the chance and you may be surprised

Give someone a chance.

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Today is my anniversary – a few months ago I wrote how different my husband and I are. Well we talked about this as we sat over dinner.

What brought us together, I still don’t know. Why are we together? The difference’s we have. Well, it is true – but we are together – and we are making it work – open up think what is necessary for a committed relationship. Right now you may need excitement, travel, the outings, but what will you need later on.

I will let you in on something else, my parents – who never had a great marriage. But today as my mother is ill – I watch how my father has been so incredible helping her, helping out around the house, and being there for her. Other men may have left, is this the ideal situation, NO. But I would prefer to have some difference’s with someone and know that they will be around in the later years as well, then to have all the fun and action – but when things get really difficult – they may not be there -

I am not saying don’t look for this – but also really ask yourself – if you meet someone with great inner strength – and wonderful qualities even if they do not have the personality you may have hoped for, or the physical attributes you wished for, don’t say no so quickly – give them a chance – you may surprise yourself

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Summer is just weeks away what a great time to get and and explore. There are so many different activities today for Jewish Singles.

Want to take a vacation – why not go on one of the many Jewish Singles trips. Weekend Get-A-Way, Shabbaton’s are a wonderful way to meet. Or even just sign up with some of the local Jewish Organizations for day trips. Check out your local community activities and I am sure you will find something.

If you don’t meet your future partner, well you may just have an amazing time anyways. Enjoy your summer, have fun and let’s hope that this year will be “the year” for all of you. 

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