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When choosing a place for a first date, try to find a place where you can be comfortable in. Don’t go somewhere where there is loud music, the only thing you will be doing is trying to communicate over the noise. Movies, are good, you don’t spend time getting to know one another, even though some feel that at least you can have a conversation afterward about the film if nothing else clicks.

I always like the coffee (tea) date. Go to a nice local coffee place, they are usually quiet, can have a conversation to get to know each other, if things go well, can always go out somewhere else after to continue the conversation, and well, if not, how long does it take for a cup of coffee?

Just go as relaxed as possible, and try to have a conversation about general things, don’t get to intimate and ask really personal questions on a first date.

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Make the time to relax your nerves, and deal with any dating fears before starting to date again. Be prepared. Don’t get back into dating until you feel you are ready. If you start and find yourself still not over the previous relationship then stop dating till you are ready. If need be, find someone who you can speak to about the issues. You just may need to take a short break.

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Just some reminders.

We can only match with what we have in the network. We are not signing the people up, they are signing up themselves. We don’t know how many will join from which cities or districts. So if you are not willing to relocate, or live in an area that someone does not feel they would want to move to, it may be difficult to match you.

Most sites, the matchmakers all use the same database, so if there is no one in the network, by changing matchmakers, this probably won’t help, unless you change your criteria.

If your situation changes, you move, you decide to open yourself up, at first wouldn’t consider to relocate, then be willing, unless you let us know this we can’t open the matching. So keep us updated. If you want to close yourself to take a break for a bit, or take time to review matches, just email us so we know.

Please, help us out, we are not mind readers. We are doing our best.

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I don’t get it, you have someone you are interested in, you have accepted the match, okay now. You would think you could make an effort to meet? Don’t take the attitude of well, only if they will come to me, or fine, I will speak with them, but I won’t take a 40 minutes drive so they willhave to wait till I have another reason to go closer to where they live.

It’s time to wake up, if you are serious about meeting then go and meet. Don’t wait around for it to happen. It won’t!!! Don’t wait around till you may be in there area!!! You could be waisting pressure time with that person. Don’t wait, go for it.

Do you travel to see family? Well this person could eventually be you family. So, stop it, and take things seriously, wake up and stop waiting!!!!

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If you agree to a match you have to follow-up. It is hard enough to find someone that you are compatible with. If you don’t follow-up with that person how are you supposed to know if there is potential. Take things serious. You would make the time for friends, and family – then make the time for the dates

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If you agree to a match you have to follow-up. It is hard enough to find someone that you are compatible with. If you don’t follow-up with that person how are you supposed to know if there is potential. Take things serious. You would make the time for friends, and family – then make the time for the dates

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Are you tired of dating, getting dating advise, trying to figure out how and where to meet people? Well maybe it is time to say..I know you where thinking I would say forget it.

Well, just continue doing it, I know it is difficult and very frustrating, but look at the alternative’s. So if a relationship is really what you want then, just continue doing what you are. �

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Are you on a on-line site? Well, please put a picture up with your profile, one with you by yourself, it may be nice to have with your friends but then we have to figure out who you are.

Your profile, try to be as detailed as possible, but don’t write a “book”, but give some details of what you are looking for, and a little about yourself. If you don’t make an effort you may be loosing out on a potential match.

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What makes 2 people click? Physical attraction, emotional, certain characteristic, similarities? What ever it is something has to click. But what about the relationship that work so well, when to people are not emotionally connected, or have same characteristics?

Within any relationship you have to be very open and honest with yourself, what will you/won’t you compromise. This may even change as you go through the dating process with someone, when you see a certain trait that just “out does” everything else, and you decide that it is worth not having some of the other things that you would never have even considered compromising on.

My daughter came into our room early this morning. As we are planning a little getaway next week, she started asking what are all the fun things we will be doing. When we started talking about it, she turned to my husband and asked if he was excited. His reaction, ya sure…why was this. He is one that prefers to stay at home, doesn’t need to take a vacation and  has no sense of adventure. Me, just the opposite.

This is not the only thing that we are different about, I would say we have more differences then we do similarities. But there are qualities in him, and he feels the same about me, that togther we make it work even with so many differences.

Get-a-ways, well, it’s me and the girls, ( my daughters and friends).  When I can drag him away from work, we take the odd family vacation.

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Dating is difficult enough, now we have the age of the internet. Meeting people on-line. This system works for many, and with busy schedules for some it is the only way.

What ever you decide to chose, between having the option of a matchmaker on the site look for you, or you do your own searching, remember until you actually meet in person, anyone can say or write what they think you want to hear. Try not to get caught up in this. Until you have a face to face meeting, and really “meet” the person.

I have seen and heard so many people get so caught up in the stage of writing and speaking and then when they do meet, realize it is not right. Try not to prolong that first meeting, even if you have to travel a great distance. Find away to meet. Don’t drag out the emails and phone calls.

For many the system works, and it is wonderful, but just take things slow, and meet in person early on. It is very easy to get hurt.

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