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Be happy with yourself

When you are dating the usual story you hear from men/woman to scare them off is.

1. The C and M word


2. My Biological clock is ticking

Why rush these things. Don’t make the person feel that you are desperate, that could just scare them off. I hear so many times, that when do people actually meet someone? It’s when they are so content with themselves. It’s when the other person may not ‘see’ that desperate side.

Relax more, take it easy. Enjoy each other, but most important find out who you are, and enjoy yourself. If you are not happy then this will come through when you are meeting people. If you love to travel, don’t wait go do it. Theatre, concerts, why not even if you go by yourself. Start enjoying the things you like to do. This will help you when dating, how? Because when you like yourself, so will others

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