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Most of the world is average looking. I see things as a bell curve with not so good looking people on one end and the most beautiful people on the other. Saying that the chances are most of the matches you will get will be average looking people who may or may not come across as being attractive to you. How many of us know of people who are good looking (maybe we are one of these people) who no matter what picture is taken, they never look so great. Maybe the person’s profile that you just got falls into that category. Maybe you should look further into the profile and not just stop at the picture.

The funny thing about attraction is that it is not solely based on looks. How many of you have either met or been on a date with a pretty hot person who at first glance you were attracted to only later after speaking to them for more then a few minutes realize that this person is not for you. If attraction was solely based on looks that person should have surely been your match but they weren’t. Saying that I think it is only fair that when a matchmaker sends you a great match but the person looks may not be perfect it still may be worth a second look. If you look at couples all around you see that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. What maybe attractive to you is not to someone else and once again that is not only based on looks but also the persons personality.

How many of you met someone who you thought you would never be attracted to but slowly over time the attraction grew? This is one of the hardest things about online dating in that it only represents a 2D view of someone (which is way your profile is so important!). If you first inclination is to decline based solely on looks , maybe come back to the profile a day later and look at it again. Ask a matchmaker a question about the person or why they chose this person for you. You maybe very surprised in the end with your results :)

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