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Are you to old for a child?

Okay men, time to get real. Time’s have changed and so has the age for woman to be able to get pregnant. I know that so many of you send me the statistic’s of a woman over 40 and what there chances are for having a child, or one without “problems”.

Modern technology is out there. How many families have been started this way. Or the options, if you really want a child, and together you find yourself not capable, there are plenty of children who need a great home.

You may meet someone who is under 40, and together you may not be able to have a child. or, you can fall in the category of men who are in there late 40′s – 50′s looking for woman under 40 because you want a child, and will continue to wait. Wait and still stay single, because reality is most woman won’t date over the 8 year age difference.

So why not take your chances, open yourself up to woman who yes, still want to have children who are over 40. You may meet, and within the year be having your child together. Or, wait the year and still find yourself single.

Life has risks, so want not take one more in your life. Don’t wait around for someone under 40, because as you are waiting, you to are getting older.

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