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Are you being to picky in Jewish Dating?

You have your “ideal” match. Now take the expectations of what you are hoping to be matched with write it down on paper, and really look at it…are you hoping for too much? Don’t set your expectations too high. Yes we all want the perfect match, but the reality is we will have to settle for less. So really think of want you will not compromise on and what you are open to change..if you want PERFECT…then you may continue to wait or never get it, so think of your options. Alone and single, or with some one, who you can be very happy with. Remember no one is perfect, we all have our faults.

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  • David · July 10, 2007 at 2:45 pm

    I know what i want and it is the perfect girl, but she’s gotta be out there somewhere- doesn’t see?

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