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Another Engagment

Wow, the last time was a month ago, and the same words. It has happened again. I got the message that I made another match. I spoke to her, and she is so thrilled – and thankful.

No – I am thankful that I can do this, bring a couple together. What was even better, in one week – we found out that there where 2 engagements on our site, another matchmaker as well. This is so thrilling for us.

So you never know when it could happen, I tell members when they ask we  or complain when the are not getting enough matches. It only takes “one”. When will that “one” be, I can’t answer that question. Will it be from the site, through a friend, or meeting someone on the street? I don’t know. So keep trying everything, speak to anyone and everyone. I keep saying this, everyone possible resource available to you, you never know how or when it will happen to you.

 Lets just continue to match, and hope that next week (and this one) will bring us many more engagements.

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