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Age- is it more then a number in dating?

One of the big reasons many people decline matches online are due to someone’s age, either they are too old or too young for them. When I first started matching it seemed funny to me that the unsaid rule was that men look for women 10 years ( or more) younger then them and women look up to 10 years older then them. Being the scientist I will tell you it actually so should be in reverse since woman out live their partners in most cases. Being the child of parents with 19 year age difference I feel I have a lot to say on this subject and can speak from personal experience of what an age difference can do in a relationship in some cases.First my rule is not to go over 10 years difference either way. The reason I feel that is once you start pushing past 10 years you start to get into problems of differences with generations and stages of life. I strongly feel that most men need to be more flexible when it comes to age. Why can’t a 38 year old man go out with a 38 year old woman? Why is younger so much better? In my opinion most women as they age only get better like wine :)   If you get a great match but the only thing that doesn’t match up is she is a year older then you, I really feel that shouldn’t stop you from looking into the match.  The other problem with matching is with men over 50 who want to date women 15 -20 years younger then they are. If you are Donald trump or some other millionaire, I say sure that might happen but in most cases, women that much younger then you will not be interested on paper to even look at the match. You say well look at your parents it worked for them. First my parent met when my father was 40 and still in great shape and health but as time has gone on and my father has gotten older the age difference between my parents has grown. My mother is not ready to slow down, my father is. The health issues my father has my mother has to do deal with everyday. There were also other issues that I don’t want to get into now that made the relationship rocky and hard for us children. I totally understand the desire to meet younger women to have children but I am telling you we have many great, high quality women closer to your age who also have the same desire as you do and if you would look past their age you might find yourself a little less lonely sooner rather then later (with adoption possible and todays medical interventions kids are always a possibility).In some cases age is just a number. We have all met the incredible energetic 50 year old who you couldn’t believe was that age or the mature 23 year old guy.  Try to look beyond your boundaries a bit and you might be very surprised at the matches you will receive.

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