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A Reality Check

I think we sometimes need a reality check in dating. 

Men – lets see, you are in your  50′s and decide it is time to get married – that is great, but you have to realize if you still want to have children – most woman will not date over 10 years older. It will be difficult to find you someone in there 30′s. Make a decision, is it the companionship – or the children that you really want? It may be better to meet someone with children, and you can still be a big part of there life, then to wait around till you MAY find someone who is open to meet you – who can still have children.

Remember – if children are really what you want – then there are alternatives out there today.

Woman – (I don’t want the men to say that I am always picking on them) – you are highly educated, and may have certain expectations, well there are many men who may not have the higher education who are well established, financially secure and very intellectual. Give them a chance.

If you are getting older – and either never been married, divorced or widowed, what we HOPED for may not be, you don’t have to lower your expectations, but just be more open in the criteria. Does it hurt to just meet each other over a cup of coffee?????

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