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A few Suggestions from a Jewish Matchmaker

1. If you are not happy in your own life, it may not be time to date – he/she can’t make you happy only you can do that

2. Look at the mirror before you go out on a date, take time to dress, wash and look good. Consider where you are going and plan accordingly. Woman ask him what you will be doing – outdoor activity in the winter will require a different outfit than being indoors

3. The chemistry isn’t there on the first date but you had a good time and enjoyed the company – go out again. Unless awful stick with a 3 day rule

4. Texting is great – for running late, when to meet. But a phone call is the best form of communication. Use it..

5. If you are planning a long intense date – great for the future but not the first or second time out. If you never met go easy, a drink or café is perfect, if you get along can always extend it.

6. We all have our “ideal” – but realistic. That person may not be best, open your eyes and your heart to find someone that could even be not what you hoped for, but it the end it could be


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