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Try to determine who you are going for:
1. If you are looking for someone who is more educated – but you still enjoy humor, and looking for someone similar
“I hold a MBA, love deep conversation, but have a silly side to make you laugh.”
2. Mention your interests:
Enjoy walks in the park, taking hikes in nature, skiing down the black diamonds, (or the bunny hills). Or I can be just as happy being curled up with a nice cup of tea, reading a good book or watching a comedy or chic flic. But what would be even better, having someone with me to share all of this.
3. Religious Level
a) I come from a traditional family growing up enjoyed Shabbat and the holidays.  I keep a kosher home and get together with family and or friends, on occasion, but will drive on Shabbat. I am open to take on more. Having a family to observe Shabbat with and the holidays would be amazing, but for now find it difficult being single and not having to many friends around who are observant.
b) I am currently not religious but I am open to take on a little more – not sure if kosher out of the house is something I could do – but keeping kosher in the home we can discuss. I always enjoyed the family time of Friday night dinners and getting together on the holidays, so I am very open to this as well
c) I am more spiritual than religious, and not sure if I would be open to taking on more – but open to discuss if I met someone who is was so important for.
d) I am Shomer Shabbat and observe Kashrut in and out of the house. I am looking for someone who is learned, (if you want a person who will learn with you as well mention it) – would still want him/her to be career oriented, (and mention a few things here that are most important for you.
4. Mention the type of person you are:

Try to put a little “fun” into it making it interesting that the person will want to get to know you.
I am a sweet and caring individual – who enjoys doing volunteer work, and helping others. My work can be stressful so you can also find me out in the park with a bunch of friends playing touch football, or jumping into the fountains and being spontaneous, to let off some steam. I enjoy relaxing as well, and have a great sense of humor, but can also be serious. Which personality will I be today?

Looking for someone who enjoys cultural events, sports, but not extreme, walks in the park and great conversation? I am ambitious, caring, and loyal. My friends say I can even have a feminine side (yes men this is great to mention if you do), I am a teddy bear type, and still the macho man as well.
If there are specifics things you are looking for mention it as well. Be concise, open and honest, you don’t want your profile to read someone who you aren’t.  If you are willing to meet someone distant, open to relocate or preference for them to move, mention this as well
Remember, it is also important to update your profile – you may have moved, or after dating you find that you have changed certain requirements make changes. It is also good to check your pictures ensure they are up to date, have a facial, full body, and I always like to recommend one that will show a side to your personality, if you are outdoorsy, a skier, or into travel, post one that will show things you enjoy.
If you are not sure ask a friend to help you out – they know you and can guide you.
You want your profile to stand out, be interesting, and show who you are, just find a way when you write it that it just is a little more intriguing to read.
Your profile is the first step to the meeting of a potential match – work on it, update it,

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We all hope to meet someone that we can commit to, and eventually lead to a great relationship. But when you are going out you also have to take precautions and be SMART.

I want to mention a few things that you should look out for when dating – to give a warning that this person may have abusive tendencies.

They can begin to be very charming – sweet – and nice, but watch out for the following:

* getting jealous for no reason

* blaming others for their problems

* getting angry very easily

* threatening to hurt you during an argument – or raising a hand/fist

* tries to keep you away from your friends and possibly your family

* putting you down when you are in conversation and trying to control you

* putting you down especially when you are expressing yourself

* cruel to animals or children

If you see any of these signs, take a step back and really look at the relationship, try to discuss it with a friend or someone else you trust. Remember in the long term it is better to find out these things earlier on in the relationship than as things are moving forward and you begin to really “fall” for them. Lets hope you meet someone that will not have any of these tendencies but if you see they do – end the relationship.



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