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I have spoken before how today with technology it is quite easy to have a long distance relationship and still find ways to communicate. I am old school, speak, meet and see if things work out. But today with technology how many people rarely even speak with each other – they begin to text, instant voice message, snap chat, WhatsApp, and many other means of communication.

So why can’t you have the same type of relationship with someone from a distance and take the chance that when you do meet things could work out.

My 19 year old daughter just met someone who she has been “communicating” with for 2 months. They met on Facebook. They started to connect, and spoke – text, sent voice messages and SKYPED.  She came home and mentioned how she knows so much about him, his family, and how they got along so well together, this was after one meeting. They knew so much and confided in each other over the past 2 months, that they just had a good feeling and when they actually met and they really connected.  I know this doesn’t always happen, I had many long distance relationships years ago – that didn’t work out, but I tried.

Obviously we know that people like to spend time together, meet up for coffee, hang out together, but maybe by meeting with distance you will really consider the relationship and it could move forward quicker than just “dating”.

My 19 year old does not have all the answers, they guy – he is 21 years old, lives 45 minutes away but currently serving in the Army so yes there are even more difficulties to finding time to see other and work on this relationship.

Maybe you should begin to take advise and learn from those that are younger, dating is wonderful and meeting regularly is important, but if you have been dating for years and haven’t found someone close to you in distance, it may not exist, or maybe it is just worth it to open the possibility to someone a little further out of the way. Distance dating can work – it can be more of a challenge, but can also lead to better communication, when you do meet spend quality time together and make it exciting and special


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