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When planning your dates , especially the first one – most men tend to want to go out and impress the woman with a great night/day out. Some great dates can also be free, or cost really little. You don’t have to break the bank to impress the lady.

1. With the nicer weather coming – concerts in the park are enjoyable and can be a great way to spend time together -  than take a nice walk around the area where the concert was. Ice cream or a drink is low price way to talk a little as well.

2. If you enjoy more the intellectual or cultural activities, look at the local museum’s for lecture’s. Than enjoy the museum as well. Sometimes this may be a small fee for the lecture but you get museum entrance included.

3. Love video games, head of to the park with a blanket and some munchies – and challenge each other for fun.

4. Check out the street fairs and head on over. Great afternoon activity.

5. Does your city have Botanical Gardens – or just a really nice park – take a nice leisurely stroll, great views and hopefully good conversation.

6. Check out your local guide books and see what is going on in your area, you may be surprised to find out what is going on.

7. A picnic, one of my best dates. Went for a bike ride first along the boardwalk than stopped on the beach and enjoyed dinner out.

8. Wineries in the area – this can be a really reasonable afternoon out – take the tour and you get to sample a few different kinds of wine as well

9. Factory Tours, see how different things are made and usually will receive free gifts at the end as well

10. If you are into doing a little Chessed, chose one of the many organizations that you van volunteer your time, soup kitchens, packing groceries, check out your Jewish Community Guide to see what you can do together to make a difference.

So get out and have some fun, good first dates will lead to others, and hopefully be the beginning of a great relationship.


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It was interesting, I was doing a little research for  Senior’s starting out again in the dating scene and it was idea’s that I have been recommending to people already. But I will discuss them for this purpose, but they can also be used for anyone who is dating, in the Jewish scene.

Dating has changed dramatically over the years and if you are over 50 or even older,  you may not be use to the modern technology that is out there and available to you. Learn how to use the technology to assist you in the process, it is the main tool today for meeting, reaching out, and staying in touch. Dating today is not necessarily going out on a date initially – it could just be meeting or hanging out. Phone calls rarely exist and today it is the “world” of  texting, WhatsApp and Messenger.

The dating scene can be really difficult – but if  you are open and wanting to meet someone try not to get discouraged. I also try to encourage people to try to have fun with it, find ways to make yourself available to meet others, and speak up on how you would like to meet. Networking is really important.

Try to increase your social circle, look at all options available to meet – dating sites, on and off-line. Go out and do things you enjoy, could be a great place to meet people,  doing things that you enjoy. Join the gym, find out about community and social events in your area. If you go to Synagogue reach out to the members and inform them that you are looking to meet someone, get involved in committees.

But most important feel good about yourself, a positive attitude shows when you meet people, be happy and focused, it will take alot of patience, understanding, but in the end if you find the one for you, it will be worth it.



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