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Understanding a little more of how the dating scene works today can also assist us in finding a suitable partner. Some people find that they have a steady group of people and continuously meet others. While there are those that just can’t seem to find the right person.

Some woman could be going a little overboard. In attempting to attract the men they become so obsessed with their appearance, the right outfit, or even the make-up they are wearing that they tend to forget who they are. Best way is to try to be as natural as possible, don’t overdue the make-up or outfit, be who you are.  

You also want to keep conversation moving and don’t divulge everything about yourself. You want to keep in interesting that you can have more to speak about the next time. Ask questions from each other so the conversation can flow and you can find out enough about each other to see if there is interest to move forward.

Men don’t feel you have to spend so much on the first date; you don’t have to make such an impression. Staying casual and having a nice, relaxing place to speak is what you should look for. Not with the music blaring that you can’t even hear other. Leave the impressing for later on, if the relationship moves forward. But even then do things that you are interesting in and ask what she likes as well – so you can find things together to enjoy. Being creative doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. If you really can’t afford the extravagant plans don’t show her that, you also have to be realistic with each other.

For both – you want to show who you are, be up front and honest with each other, and be as a natural as possible.

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Unless it is for scheduling a date – that you are running late – a reminder…

Texting is not something to be used as a form of communication to each other – speaking to each other either by a phone call or better yet in person is the means to get to know someone. Once you are in a relationship if you decide together that texting can help in certain situations then go ahead.

We are moving away from proper means of communication with modern technology – when it comes to dating to really find out about each other, and know if the person is for you – it comes to some old fashion ways, communication through voice.

It may take awhile to get use, but if you are looking for a person to be with, spend your life with – you will require to know how to communicate verbally especially at the beginning

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Dating gets expensive – and with so many other expensive as well it is not necessary to send so much money on dating. You can be creative, and keep the costs down here are just a few to get you going

Some great reasonably priced activities:

Walk in the park: Every city has some great parks  – take a stroll around enjoy the scenery and maybe pack up a picnic lunch and have a nice time

Coffee Shop: Great place to hang out enjoy a hot drink and have a chat – some also have nice outdoor area – if the weather is good for it

Enjoy your city or the surrounding area.: Find a nice area to go and walk around – check out your local sites and/or sounds.

Explore a local market: Walk through and enjoy

Bike ride or run: Depending if you are into fitness go take out the bikes – enjoy a run together.

Local events: Every city especially around the holidays has reasonably priced activities going on check out the local paper..

After a few dates a fun way to get together with another couple or two – board games – can be a great way to really get to know one another and see how the interaction is between your friends.

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