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Caption reads – Due to his pioneering work with mouthwash no one dared to tell him about his own breathDue to his pioneering work with mouthwash, no one dared tell Dr. Flint about his own breath. by Toos, Andrew

So this may be a little extreme but this is a serious topic to discuss. When you are going out on a date - take care of yourself personally. You want to look good, but also remember you will be sitting next to this person and want to impress them. This could be the first date and you would hope it would lead to others.

Prepare yourself – If you are a person that normally doesn’t use deordorant – maybe consider some. Brush your teeth, shower and wash your hair then comb it.  Dress nicely, don’t mean fancy, just clean clothes that have recently been washed.

If you are not sure – look around you and ask a friend – for assistance.  Dating is serious – and if you are serious about it then prepare yourself in every possible way.

If you have a friend that you feel can use some help then I recommend you discussing this topic with them, at first they really may not appreciate it but in the long run I am sure you are doing them a great favour.

When you are ready to date, there are many options out there in Jewish Dating - use ever resource available to you.

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When you are meeting people in a natural setting – at a party or with friends you usually act yourself. They tend to meet the “true you”. Be this way when you are out on a date. Don’t try to be someone who you aren’t, because eventually this can only hurt you.

With on-line dating sites  - it is very easy to write what you want, you hope this will attract the person – but when you meet them how do you explain yourself?

So many times we see people not telling the truth about there age. It is easy to “take a few years off” But is this really fair to someone you meet. I realize many people today are “younger in years” then they really are – but don’t deceit the eachother. This is not the proper way to start off a relationship when you are dating.

I realize we sometimes “embelish” the truth a little,  but when it comes to age, employment,  just be honest. Don’t start off the relationship this way – someone will always get hurt  when they find out the truth.

Personality as well – we all try to please our partners and say we enjoy things we may not – be honest with each other. You always can remember the stories of 50 years later – the woman is serving her husband dinner – and he finally says how he dislikes it..when she asked why he never mentioned this to her..he says..I never wanted to hurt your feelings. This is very nice..but is it worth spending 50 years not enjoying your dinner.  Just be honest with eachother from start.

You are dating to meet someone – just be yourself – if it is meant to be you will like eachother for who you both are not for who you are trying to be. If you do not believe that who you are is the best..then maybe before you begin to date you should be looking at yourself and seeing where YOU can be making changes.

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Dating Distance is not usually what anyone would want – but for some people this is the only way they could meet. With on-line site’s this is more of a possibility and “doors” can be broader and the matches can be made. So when you are dating – consider Jewish Dating – and going the long distance route..

Don’t close yourself off to Intercity Dating or even International, it is more difficult but you can make it work if it is meant to be. It will be more of a challenge, and you will require some creativity to keep it going but it could be worth it. It may be best to speak to each other a few times before you schedule the first meeting – which will require one of you to travel.

Plan ahead -  how will you get there – where will you stay – who will be the one to travel first.

Things to think about – if the date doesn’t work out – what will you do?

Here are some tips: some that I  personally did while Intercity Dating:

1. If you have friends in the city you are traveling to, made arrangements to stay with them – this way make the best of the time away

2. If you go to  a new city – stay at a Hotel -  “research” the city – so if things don’t work out make a mini-vacation so at least you get to enjoy yourself and do some site-seeing

3.  Help the person with there travel plans – make arrangements for them to being picked up at the Airport, or at least offer – or assist with a place to stay. Highly recommend the first visit even if they offer do not stay at there place. Just in case things don’t work out it may be very uncomfortable for the both of you.

4. Don’t plan to be together every second of the day. If things go well – then plans can be changed easier then trying to make arrangements to find things to do…

5. Make the first visit a short one, but if you can extend it if things work out then that would be great.

6. No matter what happens make the best of the time away.

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