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2010 – and Jewish Dating

It is  January , 2010. Wow a New Year and decade. What will happen to many of you this year, and in the next 10.

Will you look back and say,”only if:, or : “what could I have done differently”

Or will you look back and be happy where you are in your life – in a relationship, or planning your wedding, or children?

Take the steps to make that happen. Don’t say you want it but then don’t do anything about it. Or find yourself with potential matches and you don’t even really make the effort to move things forward. Take the next few week, or days, to look at yourself and really ask are you doing what you can to meet someone. But even more so, once you are – are you putting everything you can to make it work? A relationship is hard work – if you ask people it is probably more challenging and stressful then that new job, moving, school, what ever you are involved in.  But it is worth it. So go out there the end result can find you a spouse.

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