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This will be my last post for 2009 so here goes…

For 2010 – what can you change to improve the way you may be looking for a potential partner?

Are you being too “picky”? Are you not getting out there enough? Are you spending to much time at the office, that you just don’t know where to go to meet someone?

Well if you answered YES to anyone of there, how about trying one of the many On-line Dating Sites. I am partial ( well considering that is where I spend most of my days, trying to make matches for many of you – or hope to be) for Sawyouatsinai – if you are a religious, or a little more Observant, and Jretromatch for the non-religious. Sign up – the cost is minimal when you consider you are looking for your spouse.

Go in with a great attitute, if you don’t meet your furture spouse, you may meet some wonderful people – have some fun going out on dates, or speaking with people, but the main thing – you are doing what you can.

 With just under a 1000 members being succesfully matched, and today are either happily married, some even with children, and other’s planning there day. To the 100′s that are currently dating – you too can be included in these numbers.

Just don’t sit around and wait, as waiting will not help you – being proactive will…

 Lets have a great 2010 – and hope you will be one of the many that will be succesfully matched and that your name will be there with all the other’s

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You are trying to figure out what to do on the date>

Make it somewhere that the two of you can feel comfortable, you may want to discuss it together to see if there is a place that you both would enjoy. Don’t set up an extravagant first date this is a time to figure out if there is enough similar interests that you would want to go out again.

One of my best first dates, a bike ride on the Boardwalk – then a picnic dinner by the water ( I lived in Toronto so this was at the harbour)/ It showed me a lot about the person, as he packed up a great meal – nothing fancy – but had everything planned out. The cost minimal and it has left an impact on me for over 18 years. ( No we did not get married, but the date was wonderful)

Some like going to a movie and dinner – you can then speak about the movie and find out some other things as well. Don’t plan a long date, if things don’t work out it may be difficult to spend time together. “Coffee” dates are always good if it is uncomfortable you can always end it, and if not spend many hours talking.

My first date with my husband – he showed up in sweat pants saying he had to leave to go play hockey, 1/2 after the time he was “supposed” to be gone I asked him, he did have a game, but I think to this day it was a great excuse to show up in sweats. he never made the game, and we talked most of the night. That night I had a feeling he would be the guy I married – he said it took the 2nd date for him to realize it.

So what ever your plans, just have fun, and try to enjoy the experience.

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